About Us

Hello and thank you for wanting to know more about us! Asana Foods and our sister company, Flow Foods, create delicious “Supertasty Superfoods” in-house on a weekly basis from scratch. We are growing sustainbly from our roots at farmer’s markets in San Diego and festivals throughout California.

Our commitment to American farmers and organic farming around the world.

Hand-crafting our granola and almond butter in-house affords us the ability to be highly selective when sourcing ingredients.

Gluten-Free Oats, Colorado and Wyoming

We purchase our organic oats direct from farms in Colorado. These farms believe in organic farming as the most sustainable form of agriculture for present and future generations. All crops are free of GMOs and certified gluten-free.

Almonds, San Joaquin Valley, California

Our organic almonds are grown on an 100 year old farm located in California’s central valley. We use only organically grown almonds.


We love coconut! Our granola has three ingredients from the coconut tree: coconut oil, coconut shreds, and coconut palm sugar. Our coconut ingredients are purchased through suppliers dedicated to sourcing only high-quality organic and fair trade coconut products. *We never use palm oil.


Our cacao is an organic “Arriba Nacional” from the mountainous regions of Ecuador, one of its native environments. It is purchased through suppliers that source from organic, fair trade farms.

Asana Foods is based in San Diego, CA.