Deep Sleep Tea Adaptogen Decoction

This is a two part deep sleep tea decoction and loose leaf blend. The primary sedative herbs are kava root and valerian root. Supportive mood lifting herbs lavender flower and damiana leaf, also good for good dreams. Gotu Kola leaf aids in brain function. The balancing adaptogens are licorice root, also excellent for the liver and helping to counter the stress on the liver from the kava root. All-round potent reishi mushroom balances the body and tones the spirit.

The blend makes a powerful deep sleep tea with good dreams. Here’s what you’ll need:

3 pint mason jar
medium sized pot
kitchen scale

The herbal blend is as follows:
Decoction blend:
6g kava
6g valerian
12g licorice
12g reishi
Loose Leaf Steep:
6g lavender
6g gotu kola
6g damiana

Fill a pot with 7 cups of purified water. Using the scale weigh out each herb for the decoction and add to the pot.

Simmer the herbal decoction for at least 60 minutes.

Using the scale, prepare the loose leaf blend. Then, add it to a steeper.

When the decoction is finished strain it and then steep the loose dry herbs with the pure decoction. Let steep for 20 minutes. One “serving” is about 1/2 cup. Makes about 12 servings.

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