Energy Adaptogen Tea

This is a VERY potent and revitalizing energy adaptogen tea blend that combines a decoction of adaptogen roots and woods, with a dried herb steep including Yerba Mate, which has alkaloids similar to green tea.

Make a “batch” at a time. Six cups or so. One serving is about a half cup. Brew it up and save it.

Here’s the herbs that you’ll need. You can purchase this complete herbal blend from us. See Energy Adaptogen Tea.

Root, Wood, & Berry Decoction
13g Panax Ginseng
13g Schisandra Berry
13g Cassia Cinnamon
13g Ginger Root

Leaves to Steep with Decoction
Yerba Mate 13g
Nettle Leaf 5g
Spearmint 5g

Using a scale, weigh out the herbs for the root decoction and add to 6 to 7 cups of purified, alkaline water in a pot.

Cover herbs and simmer for 2 hours. Meanwhile prepare Leaf herbs.

Weigh out and add leaf herbs to a steeper. When the decoction is completed, poor it over the loose leaf herbs. Be sure to wet the leaf herbs with cool water first so as not to burn them. Let steep for 20 mintues.

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