EPS Surfboards: Eco-Friendly and Economical

Stretch Surfboards in Santa Cruz has been making boards since 1979. The company was founded by William “Stretch” Riedel, in Malibu, CA, where he was mentored by his father Mike Riedel, a shaper for Velzy Jacobs Surfboards in the 1960’s. Stretch was one of the first shaper’s adopt the EPS tech, which has proven to be exponentially more eco-friendly than traditional fiberglass construction. Here’s why:

Epoxy has 1/50th the volatile vapors of surfboard polyesters. It is much safer for both the workers and the environment. No VOCs.

Used correctly, epoxy uses only 40% of the resin used in a polyester laminate. Epoxies have no volatile organic compounds and require no “clean up” solvents, eliminating VOC emissions from the atmosphere. No CFCs.

EPS foam is produced with clean steam, not chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s). It is non-toxic and totally inert. Recyclable Material.

EPS is 100% recyclable and Marko uses an extensive recycling system to re-use it’s foam for numerous applications.

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