Foods That Increase Libido

Aside from regular exercise and a healthy diet, which are fundamental to a strong libido, there are certain foods that increase libido: Gelatinized maca powder and high-quality cacao. (Video Below.)

Aside from mineral-rich nutrition, maca and cacao contain alkaloids that trigger neuro-endocrine chemical reactions. Both tune-up your body’s chemistry to get you ready for the bedroom. And when combined they are a potent aphrodisiac. See now:

1) how to prepare foods that increase libido for yourself or your partner
2) how to shop for foods that increase libido

Gelantized Maca Powder contains four key alkaloids that trigger the sex hormones to begin a return to homeostasis. Men will have younger testosterone levels and a younger sex drive. Eat gelatinized maca powder over the course of a few weeks everyday for a natural testosterone tune-up. Try one to two tablespoons per day. Or, for more immediate results try a strong cup of Maca leaf tea. This is another form of maca and actually contains a higher concentration of said alkaloids.

Cacao is the pure, unrefined form of chocolate. We eat the seed, which contain another alkaloid called theobromine. Theobromine acts as a blood vessel widener and is actually used in modern medicine for this purpose. It increases blood flow throughout the body. Cacao can be consumed as a powder, nibs, or whole beans.

Now if you combine gelatinized maca powder and cacao, you have a hormonal optimizer and a vasodilator.. The effects are a happy human with tuned-up hormones and increased blood flow. All excellent for sex. Blend these two ingredients into a shake or smoothie with some sweet fruits.

When buying gelatinized maca powder, be sure it’s the organic, high-elevation, Chacon-species of maca powder.

When buying cacao make sure it’s organic, single-source cacao, that has been sun-dried and not gas-dried.

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