Gluten Free Oats

Being one of the people selling gluten free granola for Asana Foods I am often presented with the question, “You`re oats are really gluten free?” I answer happily every time, “Yes they are!!!!”

Oats grow naturally without gluten. It does however carry a similar protein called avenin. In most cases (less than 1%) avenin does not cause a reaction in people with a gluten sensitivity or gluten allergy also known as Celiac Disease.

Oats could possibly be contaminated with gluten if it is grown in a field that has in the past year had wheat, barley, or rye planted in it (most farmers practice crop rotation to keep the soil healthy). The oats could also possibly be contaminates if they are processed in a place that also processes products with gluten.

To make sure you`re oats are gluten free some questions to ask are is the farmer certified to grow gluten free oats, and are the oats processed in a gluten free facility. As well as being gluten free oats are a good source for fiber. Helping with our digestive system and aiding in lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol. Oats are also a good source for protein with a low glycemic score.

I now invite you to try some of Asana Foods gluten free granola. Knowing that every bite you take is worry free while helping improve the health of your body.

–Adrian Adams

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