Heart Disease Affects More Women than Breast Cancer.

One out of two women will be impacted by cardiovascular disease in your lifetime. So, this is the leading killer of women. As we have watched women conquer breast cancer…this is what we need to do with heart disease. It’s a woman’s disease. More and more women are dying of heart disease than men. Diagnostic strategies that worked well in men, weren’t working so well in women.” Noel Bairey Merz

Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer. Nancy Regean and Betty Ford were huge in raising breast cancer awareness in the 80’s. This is now what needs to happen with heart disease.

Women are dying of heart disease two to three times more than men. Women’s heart disease patterns don’t resemble the same patterns in men. The women’s health initiative was instrumental in raising awareness about disease’s affecting women.

“Because women don’t look like men, they don’t look like that male-pattern heart disease that we’ve spent the last 50 years understanding … they’re not recognized for their heart disease.”

When men have heart attacks, their arteries explode. In women, the arteries erode. Very different signs of a heart attack. Plaque is deposited differently in women and men. Men get obese in the belly, and women’s bodies tend to distribute fat evenly throughout the body, What are the implications?

The female pattern is called micro-vascualar obstruction. Studying women will advance the field for women and men. When women have a male pattern type of heart disease, they get treatment. And when they have a women’s pattern, it does not get recognized. These new ways of recognizing women’s-style heart disease are helping to get treatment to women with early signs of heart disease.

Female stem cells, when put into a male body, do better, than vice versa. Women on average have a better longevity than men.

In the last 15 years, research and awareness is beginning to have effect on reducing heart disease in women. Women have heard the call for breast cancer. Women participate, do advocacy. Women’s heart disease is the same story. It’s political. The red dress campaign aims to accomplish the same as the pink ribbon.

For more info, see goredforwomen.org

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