High Sierra Music Festival 2015

So, I just returned from High Sierra Music Festival (well, I’ve been back in Cardiff since last Sunday night.) I kind of have two little businesses. One of them is Asana Foods as you see here and at farmer’s markets. The other is a Asana Foods and festivals, where we run a full-on food service booth serving acai bowls.

This marked my 10th year at High Sierra Music Festival. And it was really hot. There were a ton of people and they were partying day and night. We served a lot of acai bowls.

If you’ve ever been, you know that High Sierra is a marathon of a festival. Meaning that its four full days and four full nights if you choose to do the late night. Should you choose to demonstrate the endurance, you can watch live shows for just about 96 hours straight. With a short break in the wee hours of dawn for the kickball game in the meadow with the rest of the all-nighters. You really only need about 3 hours of sleep every 24 hours (at a festival).

Here’s some pics of the festival and our crew there. It was a really great time. If you love live music, High Sierra is your heaven.

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