Hot yoga studio review: Yoga Tropics Encinitas, CA

In general, this is a secular studio with emphasis mainly on asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work). Here I review the classes, studio, and teachers. This should help you decide 1) if this studio is right for you, and 2) which is the right class and teacher for you.


There are there three studios at yoga tropics in Encinitas.

Studio 1 is the biggest room and gets the most humid and hot. The room is big and often fills up with practitioners. If you want a good sweat, choose Hot 60 in this room. There is a bathroom in the room, too. This room is on the second floor of the building, but at street level along PCH.

Studio 2 does not get as hot and stays pretty well ventilated. It shares a wall with a restaurant kitchen, so during dinner hours there is some banging and noise. Just more challenge for your concentration. If there is noise from the restaurant, I recommend sitting in meditation during savasana. This one is on the second level of building, so the noise vibrations carry through the floor.

Tropics West is located on I street and 2nd, about two blocks from studios 1 & 2. It gets hot. It is on the ground floor so the vibration is minimal. It shares a wall with a small quiet bakery. Its a nice option to get away from the crowds at the main office.


Hot 60: The basic class at yoga tropics is hot 60. This is an hour long class and the heat is on most of the time. It is the same series of postures every time. However, each teacher has their nuances and sense of rhythm and pace, so each class will feel different to you. You will heavily sweat for most of the class. Bring a towel and enjoy the purification. Remember to breathe. Although there is a section of vinyasa flow, there are bikram-style asanas, too. The first 40 minutes of the class is spent on your feet, and the final 20 minutes on the floor. Hot 60 is good for all levels, as the asanas are set up in variations, so everyone can be challenged regardless of experience. I still find it to be the most sweaty and taxing of all the classes. There is also a hot 90 offered, which is a longer version of this class.

Tropics 2: is a more advanced version of Hot 60. This class is usually in studio 2. It doesn’t get as hot and you won’t sweat as much. However, the postures are more challenging and the pace of the class is more rapid. This is a great choice if you want to practice more advanced postures like arm- balancing and binds. The asana sequence is up to the teacher and is somewhat different every time.

Vinyasa: is a flow class. The teacher comes up with the sequence so each class can be very different with each teacher. Expect a quick, fluid class with arm balances and advanced asanas. Most of the classes take place in studio 2. The classes are not heated, so you won’t have that sauna feel, however expect some internal heat to get you dripping.


Yoga Tropics studio has a deep staff of yoga teachers. Each one has a unique presence in the class and as well as a unique preference of pace. So, choosing a teacher that fits your mood and style, is just as important as picking the class. Here are some teachers that I recommend if you’ve never been to the studio before.

Margaret: She is great with adjustments and will help you accelerate your practice.

Carla and Tracey: They have similar teaching styles. Both keep a rapid pace. Expect a tough workout with lots of core strengthening.

Jano: He is a guest teacher on Wednesdays, teaching two vinyasa classes. Expect a creative flow and challenging, fun, rapid postures. Also, a bit of kundalini and meditation practices.

Lauren: She is always positive and encouraging. A great choice if you want an upbeat teacher that smiles a lot.

Shane: If you want a creative class, take Shane’s vinyasa class on friday afternoon for tough, challenging postures. His style of teaching is serious and philosophical. He also teaches Hot 60.

Elia: He teaches with a great understanding of pace and breath work. If you are new to tropics, I recommend taking Elia’s hot 60.

Kevin: He teaches with intention and conducts a mindful class. Another good choice if you want a mellow teacher.

Yoga Tropics in Encinitas, Ca.
830 S.Coast Hwy 101
Hope to see you there.

view the schedule of classes here: click

posted: 1/3/12

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  1. Hello your blog is very informative for us
    I never join the yoga classes in my life before. Last month i joined the yoga classes at indigo dragon center. After a month my friend recommended the asana food. I also try at that place. The teacher, classes, Rooms are fabulous.

  2. ryanjodeph123 says:

    Hello your blog is very informative for us
    i never join the yoga classes in my life before. Last month i joined the yoga classes at indigo dragon center. After a month my friend recommended the asana food. I also try at that place. The teacher, classes, Rooms are fabulous.

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