Meet The Staff – Richard M.

Meet Richard Mattison, 20, of Asana Foods. Asana Foods in based out of Poway, California. Specializing in healing health foods.

Q- How long have you worked for Asana Foods?
A-I have worked for Asana Foods for about six months.

Q- What do you do for Asana Foods?
A– I am part of the team that hand-makes the granola and almond butters every week.

Q- How did you come across this job?
A – I do farmers markets for another business. My booth was right next to Asana Foods, after getting to know the owner, Jay, he asked me if I would be open to the opportunity.

Q-What is your favorite part of this job?
A – The best part of this job is the people. I get to learn a lot about sustainable business, and surround myself with some special personalities. Also that I get to work for something that I actually believe in.

Q-What is your favorite product and how do you use it?
A – My favorite product is the Cinnabuddah! I just eat spoonfuls. It`s so stimulating.

Q- What have you learned at this job?
A – I`ve learned a lot! Jay and Deanna`s philosophies on business have resonated with me, in that they`re truly doing things the right way. They really stay true to simplicity, quality, and purity when creating their unique products. Such a great opportunity for me.

Q- How do you feel you will use what you learned at Asana Foods in the future?
A – Honestly I think I will look back at Asana being one of the most positive things for me. It`s really opened me up to some pretty awesome opportunities and developed my interest in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and healthy life style.

Thank you Richard for helping make the product that we all love so much!

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