Shopping Cart Garden 2

Not only does he grow food in shopping carts, he has a worm casting system that makes soil.

Not just regular soil. But, charged up earth that is like a super-food for gardens.

You can taste it in the cucumbers and tomatoes. Full, juicy, and flavorful.

It all starts with discarded food, compostables, and worms. A lot of worms.

In his shed, there are stacks of trays that are filled with composted, partially-composted, and not composted-at-all food matter.

The worms crawl up and down the trays digesting the matter, which becomes a crumbly black dirt, or soil.

When trays look done they are gathered and put into a large sifter. This is a cylinder-shaped machine with a mesh skin and steel frame.

It sits at an angle and rotates along its long-axis. Below it are buckets that collect the fine finished soil.

The clumpy stuff and the worms slide to the end of the cylinder where they are collected and put back into the composting trays.

To this day, Ali has yielded thousands of metric tons of soil.

Happpy plants = happy people.

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