Shopping Cart Garden

In Valley Center, a man is taking a tool of American consumerism and using it to grow food in. He has about 75 discarded Walmart shopping carts in which he has grown tomatoes, various melons, cucumbers, peppers, squash, leafy greens, root vegetables, and basil.

A key benefit to using shopping carts is that gophers and rabbits can’t eat his garden, because they can’t jump high enough to get into carts. However, the low-hanging veggies are susceptible to ambitious vermin.

Before using the carts, he lost a lot of vegetables, in particular leafy greens, to critters. However, this was far from is motivation. These carts were an experiment to start with.

By the way, he inherited them from his uncle. The carts were discarded on his uncle’s property.

He also makes soil. He has a massive sifting machine that he uses to filter the worms out of finished soil and return them to compost. From composting waste from his gardens and home, he has yielded thousands of cubic feet of rich, dark, potent soil.

He lined the carts with soil sheets and filled them with his homegrown dirt. The carts make perfect frames for an irrigation system. A stream of tubes runs through them and drips water into the soil.

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Aug 6, 2011 | in Friends & Favorites | 2 comments

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  1. Tiffy says:

    how much soil do you put in each cart? im planing on doing this, im terrible at math, and need to order the soil. i have the option to make 2 garden carts, please let me know how much soil i should be getting.

  2. ati says:

    I love you so much , and i peraud of you. maman

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