Smog-Eating Paint in the Phillipines Capitol

In an effort to stave off the rapant air pollution in Manila, graffiti artists were given a special paint that “reacts with light and water vapor to filter out nitrogen oxides.”

Manila is deploying the paint in the form of massive murals, which are both beautiful and, because of their size, effective. Eleven square feet of paint-covered surface can absorb as much pollution as a full-grown tree, and these murals are close to 11 THOUSAND square feet.


Apr 19, 2012 | in Global Health Issues | 1 comment

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring Boysen KNOxOUT and the urban renewal initiative The EDSA Project (Everybody Deserves Safe Air) in your site .

    Just to tell you a bit more about it, the medium used in the art works is Boysen KNOxOUT –the first air-cleaning paint in the which has been proven to transform 10 cars worth of emissions per square meter painted. Eight walls measuring 1000sqm each along the nearly 24-kilometer stretch of historic EDSA will be repainted using the paint. Each art work is expected to purify the emissions of 10,000 cars everyday.

    You can check out these sites: and for more info.

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