The 3 Most Underrated Benefits of Yoga

There are countless mainstream articles and blogs out there that talk about the physical benefits of a yoga practice. Usually something in regards to Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. Personally, all three translate into great advantages in the surf. But, there’s more than just physical benefits to yoga. Here’s three more reasons to start a practice.

1) A Strong Resilience to Stress. Iyengar attributes the chakras to the glands of the endocrine system. Probably the most underrated and least discussed benefits of yoga is a balanced nervous and endocrine system. This makes us resilient to all forms of stress. Making us feel younger and stronger.

2) Acute Mental Clarity. Because yoga demands full attention, our minds practice concentration. But, it is not like focusing on one thing at a time. It is like focusing on many things at once, using our subconscious intelligence, you could call it Intuition.

3) A Free Spirit. Ultimately, a content mind and body leads to a free spirit.

Iyengar talks about yoga in terms of five “bodies.” The Physical Body, The Energy Body, The Mental Body, The Intellectual Body, and finally, The Divine Body. As our practice progress’s, so does the journey inward to the Divine Body. (See “Light on Life,” BKS Iyengar)

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  1. Haylee Eynon says:

    I believe yoga is the best possible way to exercise. Way awesome…

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