The Bandhas

The Bandhas- A posture where certain organs or parts of the body are contracted and controlled.

1. Jalandhara Bandha-the neck and throat are contracted and the chin is made to rest on the chest in the notch between the collarbones and at the top of breast bone. (light on yoga, b.k.s iyengar). You can apply Jalandhara lock on the inhale and exhale, chin to chest. The Jalandhara regulates the flow of blood and prana to the heart, the glands in the neck(thyroid and parathyroid) and the head together with the brain.

2. Uddiyana Bandha (up-ward flying, core lock) The process in Uddiyana Bandha is to lift the diaphragm high up the thorax and to pull in the abdominal organs against the back towards the spine. Drawing belly up and in underneath the rib cage. THis lock should only be applied on an exhale. As you Exhale contracting abdominals, pushing all of the breath out until lungs a empty, then begin to pul the belly in and up and hold. It is said that he who constantly practices it as taught by his Guru becomes young again. The effects of Uddiyana tones the abdominal organs, increases the gastric fire and eliminates toxins in digestive tract.

3. Mula Bandha means root, source, origin or cause, basis or foundation. The mula bandha is located between the anus and genital area, the perineum muscle is engaged, contracted and the whole lower abdominal area and between the anus and navel are pulled back to the spine and lifted up towards diaphragm. The Mula Bandha is all about acceptance and how one stands in the world. Your legs, hips, thighs and feet all represent this bandha. The shadow side or dark side of the Mula Bandha is resentment. By engaging the perineum, sex organs and pulling the belly in and up towards the spine, cerebral spinal fluid is brought up the spine, bringing balance between the right and left hemisphere of brain. The Mula Bandha protects lower back, builds core strength and protects in standing postures.

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