Tips for Using Your CSA

Tips for Using your CSA:

1. Strategize. Some vegetables tire more quickly than others, so it’s important to use those first to prevent waste later in the week. This is the process I go through every other Thursday, when I pick up my CSA:

• Lay the vegetables out on a table to assess the content.
• Roughly divvy them up into side-dish sized portions.
• Make a rough schedule of meals and stick it to the fridge.
• Circle the days that take priority.
• Before storing vegetables, remove all rubber bands.
• Before storing vegetables, clip greens from radishes, beets, carrots, etc., and save the greens when appropriate (beets, radishes, etc.).

Vegetables that tire quickly:

some greens
eggplant (sometimes)
cucumbers (sometimes)

Vegetables that keep well:

sweet potatoes
butternut squash
acorn squash

Note: Do not wash your greens ahead of time. I know this is kind of a bummer for some of you, but washed greens, unless they are dried really well, don’t do well in the fridge.

2. Raw vs. Cooked. My favorite family of vegetables from my CSA is the dark leafy green family. Most of these dark leafy greens can be eaten raw — kale, mustard greens, arugula, to name a few. How do you know which ones can be eaten raw? Taste one. If it tastes good raw, eat it raw. I love steamed greens with olive oil and lemon, but a huge batch of greens — one that could potentially feed four people — can wither down to almost a single serving when steamed or sautéed for a long time.


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