Vinyasa Flow at the The Yoga Tree San Francisco

Here at Asana Foods, we are yogis. Our practice is very important to us and as a consequence of this dedication to asana, we are perpetually in search of exceptional yoga instructors. Perhaps, its a search for a modern day guru all throughout California. It seems that there is a large concentration of well-trained yoga teachers on the West Coast. San Francisco, home to Yoga Journal, and a cultural trendsetter for West Coast life, is home to an abundance of great yoga schools and instructors.

We recently went on an excursion, a mini-vacation one might say, to the Bay Area. It was a trip that took us up through Mendocino and back to San Francisco. We made sure to fit in a yoga class every day, coming out of the redwoods to take a heated vinyasa class in the mountain town of Willits, stopping in Ukiah, San Anselmo, and finally, SF. Out of the abundance of good studios, we selected the Yoga Tree that has eight locations in the city (a ninth in Marin County). We practiced at two of them: the Stanyan St. studio in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and Hayes St. in fashionable Hayes Valley. Each class was a vinyasa flow, which is essentially a varied sequence of asanas loosely rooted in sun salutations. Both studios were set into classic SF buildings, each with there distinct vibe and teacher. There are certain traits that make a vinyasa yoga instructor “good:”

1) Attentive to the collective and individual energy of the students.
2) A steady tempo to the vinyasa.
3) Evenly strengthening the students physically & mentally.
4) Excellent knowledge of yogic asana philosophy and alignment.

By these standards, our instructors at the Yoga Tree were very good. We encourage you to attend a vinyasa class at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco, if you ever find yourself in the city.

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