What To Do With Gluten-Free Granola

As stated in a previous post our gluten free granola not only taste great but it is a healthy alternative to so many other treats. Not only is it a healthy alternative to some treats but it can be added to so many other of your favorite snacks or…ta da… made into your favorite snack. This very simple granola holds a world of possibilities.

Asana Foods carries four different types of granola all gluten free, vegan friendly, with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible oh and don’t forget GMO free to. This treat is made right in Poway California by the faces you see at the markets every week. The different types of granola that Asana carries is Dark Chocolate, Coconut Almond, Cinnamon Nutmeg & Ginger, and a very new flavor, Goji Cardamom. People are wondering what they can do with the granola. Below are some creative and simple ideas on what and how to use granola.

Granola can be used all by itself for a tasty snack. I know I use it for road trips because I don’t need to do anything other than open the bag and pour into mouth. Simple yet satisfying! Some of our customers use our granola to make their own homemade granola bars for another healthy on the go snack. I have added our Dark Chocolate granola to my cinnamon apple oatmeal for that little added sweetness to my morning. Or at the end of the day add it as delightful topping to a bowl of ice cream.

No matter how you use Asana Foods granola it will be a healthy and tasty treat for all to enjoy! So stop in at one of our market locations and have sample if you new to the granola seen and talk to one of our lovely market employees about even more neat and interesting ways to enjoy granola!
Meta description-Some interesting and fun ways to use granola in your everyday life. Enjoy happy taste buds and health benefits with this simple treat. The granola is gluten free, GMO free, vegan friendly and the ingredients are locally sourced as much as possible.

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