Woogie Weekend 2015

I love the Black Oak Ranch. I grew up in Orange County and it wasn’t a day that went by that the view of the Saddleback Moutains didn’t cross my eye. The ranch pushes right up against the northwest slope. It was a perfect mitt for catching the dark, juicy rain cloud remnants of hurricane Dolores.

It didn’t rain the entire woogie weekend. Friday was sunny and warm, and Thursday when we were setting up. Saturday it rained in the afternoon, but not hard. Sunday. Sunday started out so nice and clear, that feeling just after the rain. And then the clouds got closer and closer, and darker and then the rain bands on the top of the mountain. That’s when I told the crew to button up the booth and unplug everything.

It rained hard. I haven’t seen a deluge like that, since my days vending acai bowls on the east coast. Streams of rain water flowed through the booth. We embraced it. And the festival did. Because, what else can we do?

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