Yellow Maca vs Red Maca vs Black Maca. What’s the Difference?

There’s some information out there concerning the different health benefits of yellow maca vs red maca, or even black maca. But, what does it really mean? There are theories, but scientists have yet to conclude what it really means to eat red or black maca. Why don’t we look to the people that grow the maca as a sustenance crop, to see what they prefer. What we find is that red maca, yellow, or black maca, it’s all food to them. So, why the discrepancies in the market? That’s just what it is, the market coming up with new ways to sell maca. The real questions that we should be asking are: Where was the maca grown? Was the maca allowed to mature into to full root? What is quality of soil it was grown in? We find the answers to these questions here, where we also see healthy, full red maca, yellow maca, and black maca roots all coming from the same field.

Jump to 2:00 to see the difference of yellow maca vs red maca vs black maca.

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  1. - says:

    The Vimeo video has been made private! Can you please make it available again, or put it on YouTube? Thanks!

  2. Susan Sweet says:

    Hello, I am 45 years old a few years into menopause, missed periods For months and now I seem to be pretty much back on track…. I’m also been under a lot of stress because my 24 year old son died last year…. I do not want to go on antidepressants!!
    I am struggling with fatigue weight gain and extreme mood swings.
    I am on blood pressure medicine at night and levothyroxine for my slow thyroid in the morning. Also my sexual libido seems to be almost gone. 🙁
    Just curious as to which form of maca you think would help ??

    • Bonita Knierim says:

      First,so sorry for your loss. It is a wise decision to not want to go on an anti-depression prescription since you are already on two other prescriptions for high blood pressure and thyroid issues.

      I can tell you from my own experience, I suffered from acute anemia which was treated through a blood transfusion and numerous iron infusion treatments. I also lost estrogen from menopause at 59 and suffered with very low energy and low libido, and no desire or energy to do anything. I decided to give Maca (both 1 capsule and powder) a try along with 1 capsule of Ashwagundha.

      I am now 63 and can honestly say, after 5 consecutive weeks of doing both, I could not believe how my energy has gone from non existent to through the roof, and my libido has kicked into high gear with natural replenishing of my estrogen and balancing of hormones instead of doing artificial hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

      I have not felt this good in over 8 years. I have lost some weight and my skin looks amazing.

      One very important thing to remember though is you must take both these supplents for no less than 5 weeks to allow them to enter your body and blood stream. Be patient! You won’t regret it.

  3. Aury says:

    Hello my name is Aury, I am 47, I am take birth control, but I had to stop birth control because of horrible headaches, and my cycle also stopped, I have not had a period of over 3 months and recent blood-work relates that I am officially on Menopause. I do not know what to do because if I take the pill I have the headaches, and If I stop the pill, I am not able to sleep because of hot-flashes, that I get like very hour. I need your help! What color of Maca should I take, all of this is new to me, I want to try natural medicine.

    • Jerry says:

      Aury: My wife is 61 years old. She is from Australia and was unable to get the medication she took there for hot flashes here. She is not a “pill person” and doesn’t trust western trained medical personnel. So she take estroven extra strength for her hot flashes. She also takes my yellow maca which we put into capsule form (In the 00 size gel capsules)

    • Val says:

      Use magnesium oil before go to bed. No more headaches. It’s works for me.

  4. kandi meg says:

    I want to watch the video, but it won’t play for me. Please get me the “permission to watch”. Thanks.

  5. xohmandee says:

    My names Mandy and I was diagnosed with Pcos at the age of 17 and have had irregular periods ever since. I am now turning 21 and would like to try to conceive a child. I have been researching natural herbs to regulate my cycle. I had went 2 years without a period before and went to the obgyn , which had put me on Provera. The provera worked and brought on my period. I have also tried taking Vitex with no luck , but it says you need to take it for a while to really see any changes I guess. I have been reading up on red maca in hope that it will regulate my cycles and also boost my energy levels. My testosterone was high the last time I had blood work done. I would really like to stay natural on my journey and was wondering if the red maca would be good for me.

    • Angelica says:

      Hi Mandy!

      I saw your comment and I wanted to tell you about a young woman I met at a San Diego farmers market. We were talking about Maca, and she told me a powerful story about it’s balancing power. She has a contraceptive chip implanted in her armpit (as a form of birth control). This chip also stopped her periods for many years. She liked the convenience of not having a period – or moon cycle as I like to call it 😉 but she realized that this had negative effects on her hormonal health. She started taking maca as a superfood (unaware of it’s adaptogenic properties) and she had a period within 48 hours. That’s how powerful Maca was in her body! I’m not sure how yours might react, but you have nothing to loose!


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