Chai Berry Buddah



Ingredients: *Almonds, *Goji Berries, *Maple Sugar, *Cardamom, and *Vanilla Bean.


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The organic almonds in our Almond Buddahs contain protein and natural fat, which slows the blood-sugar raising effect of the maple sugar. And whether or not you believe it’s important to eat nuts that are organic, we believe that almonds are truly one food you should eat from certified organic sources–see below.**

Roasted organic California Almonds ground into crunchy, sweet, delightful organic roasted almond butter with the added benefits of superfoods and healthier sweeteners!

Suggested Uses: Spread or dip with your favorite fruits and veggies! Or just enjoy the butter straight outta the jar!
**We only use organic almonds. While there are some crops where conventional and organic processes are similar, there is a wide disparity with almonds. Nine pesticides were found by the USDA on conventional almonds, including 3 known neurotoxins and one carcinogen. Conventional almonds may also use propylene oxide (PPO) during pasteurization, which is also a probable carcinogen. Our organic California almonds are grown without pesticides and are steam-pasteurized, which leaves the almonds uncooked, pathogen-free, and chemical-free..


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