Dark Chocolate Granola – GF

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Ingredients: *Certified Gluten-Free Oats, *Coconut Oil, *Almonds, *Coconut Palm Sugar, *Cacao, *Coconut Chips, *Maca, *Vanilla Bean, *Himalayan Salt. * = 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS



We highly recommend this granola for all dark chocolate lovers. And for those wanting to have healthier sweets for breakfast. Our Dark Chocolate Granola contains certified gluten-free oats and is made with nine 100% organic ingredients. We don’t add a refined chocolate sweetener. It’s just pure unsweetened, organic Peruvian cacao.

So, why do we choose the organic ingredients we use? Pure and simple. It tastes better…and as a bonus its way healthier. Plus, it’s not easy finding truly gluten-free granola. For those who are sensitive to gluten, cross-contamination can leave a lot of doubt as to whether or not a granola labeled as ‘gluten-free’ truly is.

Organic Coconut Oil vs. All Vegetable/Seed Oils

An increase in seed and vegetable oils in the modern diet leads to higher body-fat percentages (think canola oil, not good stuff and palm oil harvesting is destroying rain-forests). Not only are granolas with vegetable and seed oils potentially problematic for our waistlines, they can also be adding to the rates of chronic disease like cancer. Also, vegetable and seed oils are loaded with a particular type of Omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid, to be specific) that is particularly vulnerable to oxidation, or in other words: spoilage. These oxidized oils over time can actually lead to genetic alterations in our DNA, potentially leading to cancer.

Most conventional (and organic) granolas are made with vegetable oils. These vegetable oils have hydrogen added to them to extend shelf life, and thus become hydrogenated trans fats. And though many people are still mistaken that vegetable oils are better for you than oils with saturated fat like coconut oil, the truth is, as the consumption in vegetable oils has increased, so, too, has the rate of heart disease. Saturated fat is chemically stable and therefore has much less chance of spoiling unlike vegetable oil, which easily goes rancid even before it’s bottled.

Also called “trans fats,” hydrogenated oils are designed to keep packaged foods from spoiling. The irony: even though the hydrogenated oils are designed to keep food alive, nutritionally speaking, most conventional granolas are as good as dead. Organic coconut oil is the second most abundant ingredient in our granola. The saturated fat in the coconut oil does not make you pack on a pouch around your midsection, and yet it is a powerful fuel for your brain and body.

We use organic maca root, a peruvian superfood that counteracts stress, promotes weight loss, and increases energy.

The sole sweetener in this granola, organic coconut palm sugar, contains a naturally occurring fiber called inulin that helps to lower the blood sugar spike. So, no sugar rush, and more importantly, no sugar crash.

And finally, organic gluten-free oats, grown in pristine fields in central Wyoming.

Ingredients: *Certified Gluten-Free Oats, *Coconut Oil, *Almonds, *Coconut Palm Sugar, *Cacao, *Coconut Chips, *Maca, *Vanilla Bean, *Himalayan Salt. * = 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

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2 reviews for Dark Chocolate Granola – GF

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom P. (verified owner)

    Best Granola, Best Ingredients, great Company. Called once to check on status, and was given great samples of their chocolate and other granola. Keep up the great work.

    • markgough

      Thank you for the kind words Tom! I put up a coupon for Holidays to share with family and friends as well. Happy Holidays, Mark

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This stuff is fabulous! It taste great alone or in a big bowl of coconut milk!

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