Organic Cacao Nibs

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Raw Cacao Nibs from Ecuador. Wild-Crafted. True Arriba Cacao.



Organically grown in high–elevation volcanic soil in Ecuador, heirloom Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao trees are as old as 80 years. They are watered by rain and deep mountain springs. The cacao pods are harvested only when fully mature and ripe. The cacao beans are removed from the sweet white meat of the fruit. Then, they are allowed to ferment, effectively reducing the phtyic-acid content. The beans are then broken up into organic cacao nibs. 100% Raw cacao.

Organic cacao nibs contain over 300 nutritional compounds including the bliss chemical anandamide, PEA, seratonin, tryptophan, and is the richest source of magnesium in the world.

Nutrition Facts:

– Over 3-times your daily iron per serving
– High concentration of antioxidants
– Mineral rich in chromium, manganese, zinc, & copper.
– Uplifting neurotransmitters anandamide, theobromine, trytophan, and serotonin.
– Very little caffeine.
– Excellent weight-loss food.

Suggested Uses: Blend a tablespoon of nibs into a 16oz smoothie or juice. Use a garnish to balance out sweetness.

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