Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

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Coconut Palm Sugar is an organic sugar made from the nectar of the flower blossoms on coconut trees.

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Organic coconut palm sugar is an organic sugar made from the nectar of the flower blossoms on coconut trees. This nectar, butterscotch in flavor, is kettle-boiled. When it cools, it hardens like amber tree sap. Then, it is ground up into a fine grains. Simple. No-overprocessing. And yet, the flavor dramatically changes to something of a mild caramel. More sophisticated than brown sugar, and better dressed than refined whites. It is a wonderful alternative to sugar, because it is very versatile in the kitchen. It cooks well. Bake it, grill it, or mix it into coffee and teas. It dissolves well in warm water and is a great way to sweeten up sauces.

glycemic index. At 35, Palm sugar is naturally low on the glycemic index. This makes it one of the best natural sweeteners for health reasons, and makes it a wonderful, healthy cane sugar substitute, brown sugar substitute, or even a perfect replacement for agave nectar. It won’t give one a sugar rush, making it great for kids and those sensitive to sugar. It also beneficial for weight control and managing blood-sugar levels. By comparison, the glycemic index of agave nectar averages at 42, honey at 55, and cane sugar at 68.

what makes palm sugar low glycemic? Palm sugar is low glycemic because of its rich mineral content. Compared to other sweeteners, its ratio of minerals to carbohydrates is above and beyond.

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