Wildflower Honey

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Raw Honey Wildflower Honey from Northeast San Diego County, near Rainbow, CA. Net Weight: 22oz.



Is a raw local honey really healthier? If you live in, say, San Diego, it can make a difference in your health and longevity if you purchase raw honey from a San Diego farmer’s market.

Yes, it absolutely matters what kind of honey you buy. Honey isn’t only for making your tea more palatable. Raw honey is the only organic sweetener that acts as an anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Rich in antioxidants, our 100% San Diego raw honey is chock-full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Despite honey being a sweetener, raw honey helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps strengthen the immune system

When purchased locally, raw honey is a potent force against local allergens. If you purchase honey that comes from a factory several hundred or thousand miles away, you’re not getting the protection you need from local pollen-borne allergies. If you live in San Diego County, buying San Diego raw honey will help you fight allergies particular to the area.

Refined and pasteurized honey will totally render the natural nutrients in the honey dead. In fact, when you read a label that says ‘pasteurized honey,’ equate this ingredient with refined sugar, because that is all it is. Anything other than raw honey is just a sweetener with no nutrients.

Our apiaries pollinate avocado and citrus orchards part of the year. The honey, in springtime, is rendered from sage; in summertime, the majority of the local raw honey comes from the pollen of avocado trees.

Visit Beekeeping: San Diego Local Honey and Bee Pollen on the blog for more information about our honey. This honey is raw and unpasteurized.


Is the honey certified organic? No, but the sources are small local organic orchards or wild flora.

How far do the bees fly to collect nectar? A radius of up to 2 miles from their hive.

What is honey? Flower nectar dehydrated by the bees. They use their wings to do this. Honey is their food storage.

What is bee pollen? Flower pollen from the area surrounding the hive. One granule is one bees flight collecting food for the hive.

Why do people eat pollen? Mostly to combat allergies. The concept is like a natural, safe vaccine. I little of the stuff that is causing the problem.

Why eat raw, local honey? Raw honey has live enzymes that work in synergy with the digestion of the honey. Similar to pollen, local will help alleviate allergies. It is also a powerful immune support.

Where’s the honey from?

Wildflower. Origin: Rainbow, CA about 25 miles north of Escondido. Up in the hills atop Rainbow Heights Rd. Source: The bees collect honey from whatever wild plants are in bloom.

Avocado Blossom. Origin: Rainbow, CA about 25 miles north of Escondido. Up in the hills atop Rainbow Heights Rd. (same spot as the wildflower) Source: In bloom organic avocado orchards. Late Spring and Early Summer.

Buckwheat Blossom. Origin: Lake Elsinore, CA about 45 miles north of Escondido. Source: Wild buckwheat fields. In bloom during the summer.

Apple Blossom. Origin: San Bernardino mountains, about 75 miles north of Escondido. Source: Organic apple orchards in bloom during summer.

Sage Blossom. Origin: Rainbow, CA about 25 miles north of Escondido. Up in the hills atop Rainbow Heights Rd. Source: Wild black button sage in bloom in the spring.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eve K.

    After buying some honey from the grocery store that said “California Made”- but that label in small print said honey from USA,Thailand and Vietnam.We made it point to attend the Del Mar Farmers Market in pursuit of California cultivated honey. We found your booth had a taste and now we are starting our day with a spoon of raw honey! It is really good!!! After visiting your website, I can’t wait to try some of your other products.

    • Asana Foods – Jay

      Thank you, Eve! We look forward to serving you.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best raw honey ever! Must try it.

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