San Diego Farmer’s Markets

Sunday Hillcrest *near the live music.

Sunday Leucadia *near the food court.

Sunday Solana Beach *at the south end. Postponed.

Wednesday Encinitas Station

Saturday Poway *in front of the train station.

Saturday Del Mar

Retail Partners

Jimbo's Naturally (All San Diego locations)
Erewhon (All Los Angeles locations)
Lazy Acres (Encinitas, CA)
Lazy Acres (Santa Barbara, CA)
Lazy Acres (Long Beach, CA)
Sambazon Açaí Cafe (Cardiff, CA)
Seaside Market (Cardiff, CA)
Staff of Life (Santa Cruz, CA)
Healthy Creations (Encinitas, CA)
Paradise Produce (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)
The Patio Express (Pacific Beach, CA) Briarpatch Co-op (Grass Valley, CA)
OB People's Co-op (San Diego, CA)


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